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#Socialnomics 2014 by Erik Qualman

They’re digitally driven. Google says 95% of car shoppers start their search on the web. There are very similar stats for other industries and for B2B (92%).
They’re socially connected. 82% of the world’s population can be reached via social networks.
They’re mobile. More people own mobile devices than own a toothbrush.
They’re empowered. They have unlimited access to information, previous buyer recommendations and their referral network.

If the time spent on the Internet via mobile was distilled into 1 hour, 14 minutes would be spent in email, beating out both social networking (9 minutes) and entertainment (8 minutes) by a significant margin.

Twitter has 6 distinct communication networks:

The Pew Research Center and the Social Media Research Foundation combined on a report that analyzed thousands of Twitter conversations to come up with six distinct communication networks. Which of these six do you most closely identify with? Twitter 6 communication networks What you can do with this stat: Tight crowds and community clusters seem like apt groupings for brands interested in a lot of engagement. Support networks, too, can be a type of communication network for brands, especially if you are doing customer support on Twitter. Analyze your own place in these Twitter networks to see where you fit and if you need to change your strategy to mix with a different group.

(via 10 Surprising and Important Social Media Stats You Need To Know)

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